Frequently Asked Questions

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i-Safety is a smart technology which automates all humans functionalities involved in Workplace Health Safety Management System (WHSMS). Safety Management can be done while on the move (TAB), gives easy access and time management can be improved significantly. Good time management means cost cutting on man hour. Cost cutting plays an important role in every company in order for them to grow. As I-Safety is an IT based service, therefore it's also an innovation that is paperless (GREEN & GRACIOUS). This contributes to the growth of the company.
It is not explicitly written in any WSH Act or its subsidiary legislations. However, WSH inspectors have the authority under WSH Section 41 to require the production of any interested documents and to make a copy of any of them. If records are kept in any tablet or computer, the WSH Inspectors do have the rights to seize these articles/ equipment if required particularly during investigation cases.
It is not explicitly written in the WSH Act or its subsidiary legislations that the audits shall be conducted based on hard copy evidence. The liability and responsibilities will rely on the auditees to prove to the auditors that their documents are authentic and the duty of auditors to verify the required documents.
NO, you don't have to use our program; we would undertake your WHSMS and incorporate our technology. We would enhance your WHSMS with our PRO features, what your organisations & stake holders currently using hard documents would all be digitalise.
With one of our smart technology, "Multi language" is to help employees manage WHSMS to their understanding. I-Safety is a simplified technology which is as easy as operating a FACEBOOK. Leave those humans errors to I-Safety.
Yes, there a various channel to tap for funding. Please contact us to assist you further.
Yes, we're not new to the market but we're the first Safety Consultancy Firm in SINGAPORE to digitalize and automate all human functionalities involve in WHSMS, whereby other Safety software leasing out by per module to per users.
Document management simply means going green and the documents are stored and backed up safely in the I-Cloud. Retrieval would be a click away when necessity arises. This could save a lot of time which eventually saves cost. No duplication of documents is needed. All deadlines and renewal would be prompt accordingly rather than "spreading it" out in the Excel sheet.
The one of "Best Features" is called "SELFIE", in one photo shoot of Employee / Vehicle or Equipment; you extract all information within seconds at your fingers. The rest is yet to be assessed by your organization!!!
Safety is our Business; our IT team are Safety Professionals. We're open for improvement.