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Safety Network Global Pte Ltd respects the privacy of all customers and website visitors.

Safety Network Global Pte Ltd Privacy Policy

Safety Network Global Pte Ltd respects the privacy of all customers and website visitors. In that regard, we have established this Privacy Policy, in compliance with Personal Data Protection Commission of Singapore, Personal Data Protection Act 2012, as a commitment to maintain the privacy of your personal information in connection with all of your Data interactions with us.

Safety Network Global Pte Ltd may gather information about you in the following ways:
  • We may collect and store personally identifiable information such as name, telephone numbers, physical and e-mail addresses, etc. that you provide to us for the purposes of facilitating your use of I-Safety site and services, billing, handling correspondence with you, and registering your credentials for site access entitlements.
  • We may collect and store information about your visits and interactions with our site and services in collective or aggregated data that does not identify you specifically, but is automatically received and recorded by us through the use of “cookies.” A cookie may be used by our web site to communicate state information to and from your browser and the website. The state information can be used for session identification, user preferences, or anything else that can be accomplished through storing text data associated with providing our services.
  • While Safety Network Global does not intend to collect personal information beyond the most basic user identification data elements mentioned previously, the data being collected by our products and services could contain personally identifiable information that is more sensitive in nature. Please be aware that this Privacy Statement and the choices you make on this web site and within our services will not necessarily apply to personal information you may have provided to us in the context of other, separately Safety Network Global products or services. The security of that data is warranted by Safety Network Global as described in your contract and Master Service Agreement.
Email / Phone / Fax Communication

We and our affiliated businesses, partners, and agents may use Email/Phone/Fax to communicate to our customers, respond to visitor, or to inform you about events or new products. We will not send commercial solicitation via Email/Phone/Fax to you if you request that it not be sent.


Safety Network Global utilizes generally accepted industry practices and standards in order to protect the personal information provided to or collected by us.


Safety Network Global reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy from time to time without notice and at Safety Network Global’ sole discretion. Such modifications shall be effective when posted. If you have any inquiries or concerns regarding Safety Network Global’ privacy policy or its compliance with this privacy policy, please contact us via email at